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Choose the foundation of your flight experience with our Vikking frame options, available in 132cm and 146cm sizes. Each frame set is meticulously designed for pilots seeking to customize their paramotor to their specific flying preferences and requirements.

Included in the Vikking 132cm Frame Set:

  • The central frame, serving as the heart of your paramotor.
  • All necessary hoop components, designed for safety and durability.
  • A selection of engine mounts, providing the flexibility to pair with your chosen engine.
  • A fuel tank with the option of 10 or 16 liters, accommodating both short and extended flights.

Components Not Included:

  • Engine
  • Attach system
  • Harness
  • Propeller
  • Throttle

This setup offers you the freedom to build your paramotor with preferred components, tailoring your gear to suit your unique flying journey.

Engine Compatibility:

  • Vittorazi Atom 80 and Moster 185 (Plus, Dual Start, and Factory R)
  • Polini Thor (80, 130, 190, 200, 202)
  • Minari F1
  • Corsair Black Devil and Black Bee
  • Air Conception Nitro 200 and Tornado 280

Swing Arm Compatibility:

  • Compatible with all Kangook swing arm options, offering unparalleled customization to fit your flying style.

Harness Compatibility:

  • Apco SLT
  • Apco Split Leg
  • Dudek Power Seat

The Vikking 132cm and 146cm frames are crafted for pilots who value the freedom to adapt their equipment as their skills and preferences evolve. Start building your tailored flight experience today.

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