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Introducing the APCO Hybrid: a groundbreaking innovation in the world of paramotoring. The Hybrid stands as the inaugural model in a brand-new category of wings, blending the best of both worlds with its innovative hybrid profile. This design marries the efficiency and stability of a classic double surface profile with the lightweight agility of a single surface profile, setting a new benchmark for flying dynamics.

The APCO Hybrid shines brightest during serene morning flights and in conditions with little to no wind. It revolutionizes front launches and take-off sequences, marking a significant leap forward in paramotor sport. The wing boasts lower take-off and landing speeds compared to its peers, enhancing safety and ease of use. Once airborne, pilots will discover an unprecedented level of stability in both roll and pitch, accompanied by remarkably efficient braking that surpasses any classic profile wing. The brake pressure is lighter than anything experienced before, making every flight not just a journey, but a delight.

While the Hybrid is not designed to replace reflex profile wings known for their high-speed capabilities in turbulent conditions, it excels in peaceful cruising. It invites pilots to explore the skies with ease, calm, and enjoyment, transforming the entire flight experience.

The APCO Hybrid has earned its EN-B certification, with nearly all maneuvers rated EN-A, underscoring the real-world safety of this unique design. This wing defies the ordinary, offering advantages that extend well beyond the realms of both free flight and paramotor, compared to single-skin designs and traditional wings across beginner to sport categories. We foresee hybrid wings becoming a staple in the industry, phasing out many existing designs.

This endeavor, though challenging and extensive, has solidified the term “Hybrid” in the annals of our sport, thanks to APCO’s relentless innovation and dedication. The journey from concept to reality was fueled by the extraordinary outcomes of initial test flights, propelling us to focus exclusively on perfecting the Hybrid. After two years of rigorous research and development, we are thrilled to unveil the HYBRID to the world.

The APCO Hybrid is more than just a wing; it’s a revelation. Weighing in at just 3 kg, it’s not merely a “lightweight” option but a transformative approach to flight. The unique design, which omits the bottom surface at the rear of the wing, not only reduces weight but also contributes to its exceptional flight characteristics. To truly understand the revolution that is the APCO Hybrid, you must experience it yourself. Pilots who have had the privilege of flying it are unanimously astonished, convinced that this concept is not just a fleeting trend but a lasting evolution in paramotoring.

Experience the revolution in flight: the APCO Hybrid, where innovation meets the skies.

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