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APCO’s F3 emerges as the definitive sport class cross country paramotor wing, designed for enthusiasts who treasure every moment in the air. Inspired by the pioneering F1, the F3 encapsulates a blend of exhilarating performance and ease of control, wrapped in unparalleled safety and stability. Affectionately known as the “Baby F1,” this wing is a testament to the F1’s legacy, mirroring its advanced design in a more accessible format.

Positioned strategically between the beginner-friendly LIFT series and the high-performance F1, the F3 is an ideal step up for pilots graduating from their initial training wings. It offers authentic cross-country capabilities, combining speed with agility and responsiveness for an adrenaline-fueled yet secure flying experience.

The F3 is tailored for both advanced pilots seeking leisurely flights and those aiming for the next level without the extreme performance edge of the F1. Its remarkable lightness enhances safety and simplifies inflation, especially in calm wind conditions, thanks to the judicious use of lightweight materials for internal components and the underside, while APCO’s renowned durable fabric on the upper side ensures longevity.

Inheriting the Flow Aligned Ribs (FAR) technology from the F1, the F3 features ribs that adjust from the center to the tips, aligning with airflow for improved performance and stability across its speed range. Its roll stability stands out, affording pilots agile and precise control.

The wing’s design includes two strategic “3D cuts” for optimal leading-edge shape, ensuring the F3’s sail maintains consistent tension, offering a solid and reassuring presence in the air.

A redesigned riser, speed system, and trim mechanism incorporate APCO’s innovative technologies, expanding the wing’s speed range beyond any predecessor. Pilots can expect manageable take-off and landing speeds, with the potential to reach up to 69 km/h for competitive racing or long-distance journeys.

With the trimmers closed, the F3 excels in thermal conditions and boasts an exceptional glide ratio for a full reflex profile wing, allowing pilots to effortlessly ascend to cloudbase. Opening the trimmers unveils a significant speed boost of approximately 10 km/h, further amplified when engaging the speed bar and OAA system for peak acceleration.

For those with high hang-point setups or flying a trike, the F3’s compatibility is assured with the 14KIT. This optional kit, available upon request or with the wing, includes extended tip steering lines and an additional magnet and guide ring for the risers, ensuring a seamless fit.

F3 – Elevate Your Spirit, Embrace the Freedom

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