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Dive into our carefully curated collection, featuring the latest in paragliding innovation with models like the Basik and KX-1, designed for enthusiasts who demand both adventure and reliability. With Kangook, experience the ease of wheel launching, thanks to our trikes equipped with pneumatic tires and the innovative bubble tire option for unmatched stability. Explore the skies with confidence, supported by our three-year guarantee on all trike constructions.

The Basik Trike

Discover the Kangook Basik, a trike designed for both the novice and the seasoned flyer. Available in two distinct configurations, the standard and the komfort, it caters to your flying preferences with ease and adaptability. The Basik standard features an independent trike frame, perfect for quickly attaching any Kangook paramotor, with a special nod to the enhanced strength and protection of the Kangook Classic frame. For those seeking additional safety, the Basik komfort introduces roll bars for added stability, securing the paramotor frame more robustly to the trike. Choose the Basik for a blend of flexibility, safety, and unmatched performance in the sky.

Kangook Basik: Trike & Quad

The KX-1

Explore the enhanced capabilities of the Kangook KX-1, a trike that stands out for its robust design. Building upon the foundation set by the Basik, the KX-1 extends its reach with a slightly longer frame and the addition of fully welded diagonal stiffeners for increased rigidity and durability. Available in several configurations, the KX-1 caters to a variety of flying needs. The standard model offers a quick-attach frame for any Kangook paramotor, highlighting the recommended combination with the Kangook Classic frame for superior strength and protection. For solo flyers seeking extra safety, the KX-1 komfort solo package includes roll bars for enhanced stability. Adventurers looking to share the experience can opt for the KX-1 komfort tandem package, featuring extended roll bars and a second seat for tandem flights. Embrace the sky with confidence in the KX-1, where safety meets unparalleled performance.

Nanook Evo

The Nanook Evo stands as the pinnacle of full-size trikes, harnessing the power of today’s most advanced 2-stroke engines. Whether equipped with the Polini 303 or the Vittorazi Cosmos 300 and a 150cm propeller, you’ll experience unmatched performance and power. Available in both solo and tandem configurations, the Nanook Evo is the high-performance trike you’ve been searching for!

The Nanook Evo trike, ideal for solo or tandem flights, powered by high-performance engines like Polini 303 or Vittorazi Cosmos 300.
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Our selection of paramotors and trikes, including the versatile Basik and KX-1 models, ensures that the sky is truly the limit. Perfect for both seasoned pilots and those new to the sport, our products offer durability, performance, and safety for an unparalleled flying experience. Discover the joy of wheel launching and the freedom it brings to your flights. Visit our product catalog or contact Kangook Canada today for expert advice and personalized service. Start your next airborne adventure with Kangook and soar above the rest.

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