Kangook Amaruk XD

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Elevating excellence, the Amaruk XD, crafted at our factory in Canada, introduces an extended diameter of 151cm, perfectly tailored for 140cm propellers. This design isn’t just about size—it’s about smarter performance. With a larger prop, pilots can expect not only increased power and superior climb rates but also a significant reduction in fuel consumption. The higher aspect ratio props, longer and slimmer, are engineered for efficiency, optimizing your flight experience while minimizing fuel burn in every flight.

Amaruk XD Kangook paramotor: 151cm cage, 140cm propellers, optimizes thrust, efficiency, and safety for exceptional flying.

Quality Meets Versatility

Tailored for Every Pilot

Expertly Crafted in Canada

Canadian Precision

Modular Design Flexibility

Customizable for Every Flight

Powerful Efficiency

Bigger Props, Less Fuel

Quality Meets Versatility

Tailored for Every Pilot

Modular Design Flexibility

Customizable for Every Flight

Expertly Crafted in Canada

Canadian Precision

Powerful Efficiency

Bigger Props, Less Fuel



A happy pilot flying the Kangook Amaruk XD paramotor, showcasing its superior power and efficiency in a serene natural backdrop.


The Amaruk XD builds on the Amaruk’s proven design, incorporating a secondary hoop to extend the cage diameter to 151cm. This modification significantly boosts the frame’s strength, catering to the needs of tandem flights, acrobatic maneuvers, and demanding pilots. A thoughtful 5 cm extension at the base retains the beloved geometry of the original Amaruk, ensuring stability and performance are uncompromised.



Innovating on engine integration, the Amaruk XD employs directly welded engine mounts, foregoing the need for adapters. This approach reduces weight and enhances frame strength, offering pilots a more reliable and efficient flying experience. The direct mount system ensures a seamless transfer of power, contributing to the paramotor’s overall performance and durability.

Kangook Amaruk XD paramotor in natural setting, with 151cm extended diameter cage for enhanced power and efficiency.


The Amaruk XD introduces a slight negative angle in the thrust line, optimizing pitch stability by aligning the thrust below the swing arm pivot. This adjustment, coupled with an updated frame geometry, prioritizes pilot safety through increased net coverage in critical areas. By eliminating J-bar arm provisions in favor of reinforced mounts for stainless-steel or Kobra style swing arms, the design focuses on enhancing both safety and performance, ensuring a smoother and more secure flight experience.



The Kangook Amaruk XD introduces a head space cut-out, dramatically expanding the pilot’s field of view of the wing for improved awareness during launch and flight. Additionally, a higher-mounted starter pulley design enhances ergonomics, simplifying engine starts and reducing the risk of rope burns, further refining the pilot’s experience.



Transportation simplicity is redefined with the Amaruk XD’s 3-piece hoop system, which can be swiftly detached and reattached. Secured by straps to the frame and interconnected with high-strength Velcro, the hoops can be assembled or disassembled in under two minutes. This thoughtful design ensures easy transport to any flying site, accommodating a wide range of vehicles and storage situations, making every adventure as seamless as possible.

The Kangook Amaruk XD packed in its box, illustrating the ease of delivery and the promise of exceptional paramotoring adventures ahead.


The Amaruk XD stands out with its exceptional torque compensation and weight shift capabilities, utilizing a versatile spacer to neutralize engine torque effects for impeccably balanced flight dynamics. This spacer’s adaptability to different propeller rotations enables easy adjustments or engine swaps, embodying intuitive design for optimal control. On the aesthetic front, the Amaruk XD impresses with a robust powder coat finish available for the center frame in sleek black, and for hoop sections in black, orange, silver, or purple. The customization extends to netting options in black, orange, green, blue, red, and translucent white, allowing pilots to tailor their gear to their unique style, blending advanced functionality with personalized visual appeal.



The Amaruk offers two superior swing arm options: the durable 316 stainless steel arms, known for their natural resilience, and the innovative Kobra arms, precision-machined from a single aluminum billet for unmatched strength. Both options feature a single-piece design free from fasteners, enhancing reliability and allowing for effortless interchangeability to perfectly match your flying preferences. The Kobra arms boast a sleek, durable black anodized finish, adding a touch of style to their functional superiority.



Crafted entirely from 6061 T6 aviation-grade aluminum, the Amaruk’s frame stands out for its fully welded construction, significantly reducing the reliance on nuts, bolts, rivets, or any fasteners. This meticulous design choice minimizes the risk of parts loosening due to the vibrations of a single-cylinder engine, thereby enhancing the overall safety and integrity of the paramotor. Complementing this robust construction, each Amaruk paramotor offers a choice between the cutting-edge carbon E-Prop or the Helix propellers. These options allow pilots to customize their paramotor’s performance with their preferred propeller diameter, ensuring an optimized flying experience tailored to individual needs and preferences.

The Kangook Amaruk XD, highlighting its 151cm outer diameter for larger propellers, promises more thrust and a thrilling flight experience.

With a 151cm outer diameter, the Amaruk XD supports larger propellers, delivering more thrust, improved efficiency, and an overall enhanced flying experience.

Showcasing the Kangook Amaruk XD's 151cm diameter design for enhanced propeller size, offering unmatched thrust and efficiency for an exhilarating flight.

With its unique headspace cutout, the Amaruk ensures safety and comfort by preventing head-to-cage impacts. Enjoy an unmatched view of your wing and superior freedom of movement during flight.

Featuring the Kangook Amaruk XD's double hoop strength design, ensuring unmatched stability and durability for all types of launches.

Experience unmatched durability and stability with the Amaruk’s reinforced double hoop structure, designed to support vigorous launches and eradicate cage flex, ensuring a robust and reliable flight every time

Tailored Power, Weight, and Reliability for Every Pilot


Vittorazi Motors, iconic for Atom 80 and Moster 185 engines, showcases exceptional power-to-weight, compatible with Kangook paramotors, embodying Italian quality.


Established in 1984 by Vittoriano Orazi in Morrovalle, Italy, Vittorazi Motors is noted for its Atom 80 and Moster 185 paramotor engines. Orazi's background in racing and inventing significantly influenced the design and performance of these engines. Known for their superior power-to-weight ratio, Vittorazi engines are entirely manufactured in Italy, ensuring consistent quality. These engines are compatible with Kangook paramotors, offering reliable and efficient performance for flying enthusiasts.

Cors-Air Motors, with engines like Black Bee 125 and Black Bull 235, offers innovation in paramotoring. Compatible with Kangook, they promise superior flight experiences.


Cors-Air Motors, established in 2001 and nestled in Barco di Bibbiano, Italy, offers a diverse lineup of paramotor engines, including the Black Bee 125, Black Devil 172.5, and the Black Bull 235. The company, which adopted the Cors-Air name in 2013, is recognized as one of the initial four airsports engine manufacturers globally. With the addition of Alberto Castelli as a major shareholder in 2015, Cors-Air continues to innovate. Equip your paramotor with Cors-Air's engineering marvels, available at Kangook, for a superior flying experience.


Polini Motori, established in 1945 in Alzano Lombardo, Bergamo, Italy, specializes in the 'Thor' range of paramotor engines. Initially focused on supplying two-stroke engines for mopeds and racing, Polini introduced the Thor brand in 2009, dedicated to paramotor engines. Their portfolio includes models such as Thor 80, 130, 190, 200, and 250, showcasing a commitment to performance and reliability. These engines, available through Kangook, are an ideal choice for enhancing your paramotoring experience with Italian engineering excellence.


With a legacy spanning over 40 years, Minari Engines has honed its expertise in small engine manufacturing for various applications. The concept of crafting paramotor engines took shape 15 years ago, marking a new direction for the company. Today, Minari is dedicated to producing high-quality engines, both 180cc and 200cc, suited for foot launch and trike paramotor usage. These engines come with options like direct drive, clutch, pull start, and electric start. Embodying Italian craftsmanship, every Minari engine is 100% made in Italy, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability.

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Amaruk XD Kangook paramotor: 151cm cage, 140cm propellers, optimizes thrust, efficiency, and safety for exceptional flying.
Amaruk XD w/
Cors-Air Engines
Amaruk XD Kangook paramotor: 151cm cage, 140cm propellers, optimizes thrust, efficiency, and safety for exceptional flying.
Amaruk XD w/
Vittorazi Engines
Amaruk XD Kangook paramotor: 151cm cage, 140cm propellers, optimizes thrust, efficiency, and safety for exceptional flying.
Amaruk XD w/
Polini Engines
The Kangook Amaruk XD, highlighting its 151cm outer diameter for larger propellers, promises more thrust and a thrilling flight experience.
Amaruk XD


Vittorazi: Atom 80 / Moster 185 / Factory R
Polini: Thor 80 / 130 / 190 / 200 / 202
Cors-Air: N 80 / Black Bee / Black Devil / Black Bull
Air Conception: Nitro 200 / Tornado 280
Minari: F1/M9

Miniplane: Top 80
Simonini: Mini2Plus
Rosmotor: Ros100 / Ros125
EOS: 100 / 150

Swing Arms

Stainless Steel Tubular Arms

Aluminum CNC Swan Neck Arms

Propeller Diameter



APCO Split Leg

Dudek Power Seat



Off Grid Aviation

Fuel Tank

10 Liter (2.6 gallons)

16.5 Liter (4.3 gallons)


Kangook Basik
Kangook Basik Kuad
Kangook KX-1
Kangook KX-1 Kuad


Frame only weight: 12.4 lbs                            Complete w/ Atom 80 (Amaruk frame, Vittorazi Atom 80, APCO SLT harness, Kobra swing arms, 10L fuel tank, Polini throttle, 125cm E-Prop): 48.8 lbs

Complete w/ Moster 185 Plus (Amaruk frame, Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus, APCO SLT harness, Kobra swing arms, 10L fuel tank, Polini throttle, 125cm E-Prop): 57.8 lbs


6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum

All fasteners are A2 Stainless Steel

Fuel Tank

10 Liter or 16.5 Liter


Frame depth: 18.5 cm
Height: 151 cm
Width: 151 cm
Hoop Diameter: 151 cm

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