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As your journey in the skies begins, trust in our Kangook paramotors to elevate your flying experience. Every model from the dynamic Amaruk XD to the robust Vikking reflects our commitment to quality, safety, and innovation. Crafted with care in Shawinigan, QC, Canada, our paramotors are designed for pilots of all levels, offering unparalleled performance and versatility. Embrace the freedom of flight with our premium paramotors, backed by comprehensive warranties and our dedicated customer support. Your adventure awaits – choose the paramotor that best suits your spirit and soar into the horizon!


Discover the Kangook Amaruk, a masterpiece in foot-launch paramotors. Engineered for peak performance, it features ergonomic design, advanced torque compensation, and a 140 cm cage ideal for pilots of all sizes. Enjoy innovative headspace design for safer, more comfortable flights and a unique thrust line for optimal efficiency and control. Embrace the future of flight with the lightweight, yet robust Amaruk.

Amaruk xd

Experience the power of the Amaruk XD – a marvel in paramotoring. Its extended 151 cm diameter cage accommodates up to 140 cm propellers, offering unmatched thrust and efficiency. Enjoy smoother flights, lower fuel consumption, and an innovative design that maximizes both safety and performance. Ready for an elevated flight experience? The Amaruk XD awaits!


Step into the world of paramotoring with the Kangook Classic – a perfect blend of safety and performance. Designed with a unique double hoop to fully protect the propeller, it's ideal for beginners, schools, and trike enthusiasts. Choose from 132cm or 146cm cage diameters for a tailored flight experience. Embrace enhanced safety and ease of use with the Classic, making every launch and landing smoother and more secure.


Discover the affordable excellence of the Kangook Vikking in paramotoring. Choose from 132cm and 146cm cage diameters for tailored high performance. Its hoop symmetry and lightweight yet robust frame reflect top-notch craftsmanship. Made entirely in Canada, the Vikking is a model of durability and reliability for every flight.


Step into a world where your paramotor truly reflects your individuality. Kangook offers an unmatched level of customization with over 2,112 possible configurations for the Amaruk alone, from engine choices to colors and fuel tank sizes. We’re here to ensure your paramotor fits your unique flying style and needs. If you have questions, are seeking advice, or need a referral to a qualified instructor, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our commitment is to provide the perfect solution for your aerial adventures.

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